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The Upper East Side is a collection of streets and avenues full of beehives—each with its own army of bees clinging to their honey and guarding it from harm.

Madison Avenue is the central garden where all the bees from all the hives come to eat, shop, and get fresh information to take back to their hives and turn it into honey.

What happens when an outside beekeeper comes along, earns their trust and gets these bees to hand over all their honey to him? This is where the fun starts and the secrets get spilled.

Read about the betrayals, the lies, the broken-off friendships that will never resume, and why certain ladies choose to adopt cows. Learn the full cost of being a part of this well-guarded society.

Now that I am here, the Upper East Side will never be the same again.

Who am I?

That’s one secret you’ll have to find out on your own.


Guy Who Knows


Book Reviews

 "Mary has four dogs but hides three because her husband only allows her to have one. But he’s hardly ever there and their hotel suite is large enough to hide three animals for years. While vacationing in the Hamptons, Mary met a cow. She adopted that cow. She pays $10,000 a month for that cow. That cow lives comfortably in the Hamptons with “fresh, green pasture and its own special caregiver.” It’s stories like this that make up much of Guy’s book."


 Hazen Cuyler

East Side Feed

"With snark and humor, The Untold Stories of Madison Avenue delves into the oddities of the rich, ranging from tiny white lies to what truly lies behind the smiling faces of the famous.

"Fans of The Real Housewives will adore the gossip and scandal in this unique book. Loosely inspired by The Help, the author has spent years collecting each story as a person below the radar, an invisible confidant to those who inherited or built high-society lives of glitz and glamor."

Lisa Quinn

Yahoo! News

"I found it fascinating to have a peek at the lives of the wealthiest, albeit fictitious. Life is about flying in private jets, having personal stylists, buying high-dollar designer bags, women going for weekly Botox to look as young as their teenage daughters, among others. I recommend The Untold Stories of Madison Avenue by Guy Who Knows to anyone fascinated by scandalous stories of New York’s most elite. Lastly, I long for its sequel!"


 Jones Leeh

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